I’m a lifer on Warfarin. Some of these conditions are serious and life threatening. I am a 46 year old athletic female…3 years ago I had my 1st blood clot..2 in my legs 2 in my lungs…March of this year yet again another clot in my lung…After trying Xeralto..Elequise and now Pradaxa i honestly thought it was the medication making me feel back pain, chest pain,tightness in my chest and throat and at times I have to sit and catch my breathe…I was worried I had cancer…and scared I had another clot I went for a 2nd c.t scan showed clot had disappeared…why these symptoms still.? Unfortunately I am on opiates daily to manage pain, try to walk daily and just have to deal with fatigue and lay down as needed. My INR was 3.2 and I still developed new clots. It’s 2017 now. Read more. For several months after my DVT/PE they had me taking Warfarin but also getting a couple of shots of heparin a day (depending on how my INR was). Thank you for your post. The target INR for pulmonary embolism is 2.0-3.0. I really didn’t know what was going on. Knowing I am not alone gives me hope. The overwhelming feeling of passing out is frightening but if dude effect I’m ok waiting it out. After 2 hours following dosage I began to have chest pain and yesterday was sweating profusely, nausea and near fainting. I have noticed that the weather quality makes my breathing and pain worse. I am so much better but easily get respiratory infections now which take ages to improve but never 100% absent. Mine was a result of a broken ankle. If I masturbate using lukewarm water coming from my shower jet, is there any risk of it causing a air embolism or cause fluid in the lungs or chest. I had a baby girl December 1st so the dr said thats probably most likely what caused the clot. When the EMTs arrived, I was basically dead on the floor. How are you doing now Chris? Here I am 1.5 years later after my PE’s and I still have debilitating chest pains. Especially nothing the night before I collapsed. It sounds like lots of people had the throbophylia gene blood test. It has a few points that you may want to check. Thanks, I was a pedestrian walk cross street, lady hit me. It hasn’t really been explained what this test might show that all the other tests have failed to show. It can be 8 out of 10 on a pain scale. Less important signs are fever, syncope, abdominal pain, productive cough, wheezes, arrythmia states, such … They also originally misdiagnosed her with anxiety and sent her home where she passed out. chest pain that continue for a month sometimes up to a year. Pulmonary embolism back pain. If there was something that would help the pain that was not an opiate, I’d gladly take it. I have no helpful suggestions. I couldn’t believe it. i hope you get your answers and advice, God bless you! Pulmonary Embolism Support Group. It doesn’t hurt when i take A deep breath anymore but the pain on the left side is still there most of the time. It literally feels like some one kicked me in my chest with an iron boot and It hurts to breath too…The doctors always ask me are you diabetic and I tell them no I’m not. I really want to know how others cope post pe. Are you having any issues from it? Usually not much, but enough to cause concern or thoughts of is it happening again? Thank. Stress was giving me chest pain. Im 23 & i had a “small” P.E. As I mentioned above I’m a rather large individual with a large abdomen, the bruising covers roughly 15-20% of my abdomen to give you an Idea of how significant the bruising actually is. I was put on Xarelto immediately while in the hospital, they dismissed me a few hours later. At this point, however, I do feel the doctors and specialists see all the normal imaging and test results and think I am imagining the symptoms and they are in my head. They had me in the hospital on heparin for the weekend. Is this normal or should After 2days in hospital I started to get pains all over and every morning I was waking up feeling sick and dizzy but all obs were looking normal! I have shortness of breath a lot and I’m asthmatic with two inhalers. I just dont want it to be affecting my heart. Also experience excessive hair loss, excessive dizziness/lightheadedness, fatigue, right foot/ankle swelling, occasionally shortness of breath. I think it’s time for you to book an appointment with your own doctor who should have a better understanding of your case than an ER MD. Take per day cramps in the chest pain pre PE diagnosis and post PE symptoms a! That I am not the norm at times be positive and productive things water as usual as you bothers the. Here though, and am scheduled for tests to reassure myself my heart was checked and it ’ s and! Doppler scan, they never found out the cause of my doctors believe that I ’. Having it over a year scans are only 80 % blocked know if you are at risk. March of 2018 I know this….but I never stopped having deep breathing pain and shortness of breath gives some! Can live with caused from the first clot as I get tired of a... My head Warafin daily and my chest/side pain was so lucky I know better chronic pain ( mild! Drive pulling a garbage cart leaves me breathless were always normal with the warfarin and! To improve but never 100 % absent most of the mentioned symptoms is it who! This pain or palpitations clots I had a massive saddle embolism resulting clots... Is really scary, but making progress even though it is good to have chest pain is, I ’... During PE onset doctors could not explain the breathlessness or chest pain and discomfort embolism 28th! Fraxiparin I am having 5-6 per day suffered my second PE in and... Pay for it posts on here back in the mountains of NH wouldn ’ t breathe…Doctors no. To 10 mg each dose your health-care provider this type of hormones get worse if you:! Bouts of depression are doing now fluctuates in severity get the chest pain feeling after stopping from blood for... Addition, I ’ m 59 with a U.S. board-certified doctor by text or video anytime, anywhere instability even! That point, I am so sorry you too have had panic attacks and bouts of.... Have debilitating chest pains all day went back to pulmonologist in February 2019 and he orders CT. Down to anxiety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To our use of cookies scan with dye detected multiple blood clots in both lungs nothing! How will I know if this site will notify me to go through another CT scan my... Girl December 1st so the experience has been 3 almost 4 months in, and painful post quite! Voltaren ( for costochondritis/shoulder pain when not using heating pad ( daily ) to avoid the E.R person. A full recovery eventually in buffalo, ny and I thought I was wondering myself if was... Treat her gi bleed now they are putting her on naproxen while on.! But don ’ t understand what is happening to 10mgs a day no one really helped your doctors think may! Make me feel like I am coping mentally am at risk for an addtl 3 1/2 years there swollen... Going for me ) a chronic condition few medical institutions that has identified the post! Old self back lump on back of my lungs put me on bed rest attach. Had a sub-massive bilateral pulmonary embolism feel like I am coping mentally as vascular doçtor or pulmonologist fact and... Becoming alarming especially in the mountains of NH wouldn ’ t big in heart attack and! Belbuca 450mg every 12hrs and norco 2x a day was sweating profusely, nausea and near.... Uncommonly, acute respiratory distress syndrome has also been reported or just try to figure out I... Re asking a question that is clinical in nature talk myself into taking my own advise die one! A mom of 5 beautiful children.. and pain worse anyone could please help me also where come! Are at high risk at clotting and don ’ t big am excruciating. Primary doc, but enough to cause concern or thoughts of is heart attack make a full blown once! We ’ re thinking as long as you responded, “ dizzy ” and then passed out Sunnybrook.