Akiyama squares off against Arai, fighting him because he believes his monetary support is what led to Arai becoming consumed by his ambition. How would you fight with your favorite character? His swaying ability can get you away from enemy’s range in no time, whether you are in a combo or not. Once they have all the materials, they stage their escape at night time. If you L1 somebody in heat-mode then you get an option to do another heat action. 10 Most Iconic Yakuza Characters. After beating Saito, Saejima climbs over the wall with Hamazaki's help. Katsuragi draws a gun and admits that he foresaw Kido's betrayal and he was hoping to fake his death in front of Munakata's informant and then escape with the money, but now he must first kill all of them to leave no witnesses. Unlike you or your drunk friends, this game has some professional voice actors going up to tackle these songs, so you'll be able to enjoy their dulcet tones, in addition to their imagination cutaways during the songs (you'll see what I mean). Kiryu and Hamazaki fight their way past the guards and defeat Saito in order to escape. This page was last edited on 30 August 2017, at 19:00. You can knock off an enemy by Sx3 then Tx2 and a simple kick when he falls on the ground. Tanimura chases Sugiuchi down and the two get into a violent fist fight after Sugiuchi confesses that he was the one who killed Tanimura's father all those years ago. Tanimura gives Yasuko his gun for protection and tells her to go ahead while they hold off their pursuer. Always use R1+T with the slow enemies and R1+O with the armed enemies. For his crime, Saejima is sentenced to death. A wounded Hamazaki tells Saejima to seek out Kazuma Kiryu once he's made it to the Okinawan mainland and then tackles Saito over the edge of the wall and into the water below in order to keep him from shooting Saejima as well. After a fight against Hatsushiba's captain, Midorikawa, Akiyama recovers his ledger and frees Kido. Though Lily denies it at first, Akiyama tells her he figured it out because of her lie about working at Drama Queen and the fact that the Shibata Family had been trying to find her. Saejima decides to join in on the escape in order to find his old boss and to discover why his oath brother Majima failed to appear on the day of the hit. il y a 10 ans | 46 vues. Levelling up gives three soul points which can be used to purchase various abilities to better improve your strategic stance in fights. The game split between four protagonists instead – the money-lender Shun Akiyama, the death-row inmate Taiga Saejima, the beat cop Masayoshi Tanimura, and Kazuma Kiryu. The English language adaptation … Sugiuchi pressures Akiyama to not interfere with his investigation, but Akiyama brushes him off. When you are in the red heat mode and the dragon heat action activates then the R1+O becomes very powerful and can almost kill every enemy. watch 02:39. Makoto Date. Additionally, the patriarch of the Shibata Family and Arai's boss, Kazuo Shibata, presents Katsuragi with his severed pinkie in atonement for his subordinates' crime. Back at the New Serena Building, a distraught Akiyama confirms that Katsuragi and Kido stole his entire cash reserve. Kiryu hands over the file to Kido in exchange for Yasuko but after untying and handing her over, Kido draws a gun. Luckily, Tanimura is saved by the unexpected arrival of Detective Sugiuchi and a few other officers whom he's brought as back up. Despite being surrounded, Sugiuchi threatens all the officers with being retaliated against by the higher-ups in the force who are protecting him and rushes out of the warehouse. Undeterred, Kiryu proceeds to fight his way up the building, defeating every Ueno man he finds along the way, including four armed lieutenants. Despite the chance to not pay back the money, Lily says she can't answer and departs, promising to pay back the money in full. When Kiryu catches up to Akiyama and Tanimura, he mistakes them for Munakata's goons, since Tanimura is a police officer. Afterwards, Akiyama meets with Kido above Theater Square. After giving him the money, Yasuko departs for Okinawa, saying she learned her brother had recently been transffered to a prison there and she wants to try to see him again before he is executed. This would be the last game in the mainline series to feature the Love-in-Heart Massage Parlor as a playable mini-game. Though the challenge is daunting, Lily is determined to pass. Eventually, both men make it to the prison courtyard and use a grappling hook to climb over the wall, but they are confronted by Saito and several guards. Kiryu fights Daigo, challenging him to give him a chance to prove he's worthy of leading the Tojo Clan. After the Florist assures him that he will continue to look after Sasai, Saejima leaves. What Does Ubisoft’s New Star Wars Game Mean for Fallen Order 2? But in such a situation you could always use the Tx2 combo to corner them, this way you can inflict a lot of damage. Breakout Character: Of the new Yakuza 4 characters, he's gets the most screentime in follow-up games. Remaster The detective questions Shibata about the truth of the Ueno hit, but Shibata dies before being able to answer. When Saejima carried out the hit, he only knocked out all the victims, except for Katsuragi, who was wearing protection under his suit. However, the place is a joso bar, which only hires trans-women as servers. A day later, Saejima arrives in Tokyo and starts searching for leads on the whereabouts of his old boss. When he returns to Sky Finance, he finds Hana lying unconscious on the floor and the office in disarray. Eventually, she decided to get the money instead, so she took out a loan from Sky Finance to do so and was in the process of arranging a meeting with Katsuragi when the Shibata family finally caught up with her. Sega launched a character popularity poll for the Yakuza series as part of the pre-registration campaign for Yakuza Online and the results are in. Set in a fully realized, authentic recreation of Tokyo's "Sin-City District" the deep and interweaving crime drama of Yakuza 4 unfolds through the eyes of four unique and dangerous characters. Tanimura decides to inform police headquarters that he'll be going to meet with Mishima to take him into custody; hoping that Katsuragi's contact within the TMPD will hear about this and expose himself by trying to kill him and Mishima. "Like a Dragon 4: Successor of the Legend") is an open-world action-adventure video game developed and published by SEGA exclusively for the PlayStation 3. However, they are interrupted by the sudden arrival of Guard-Captain Saito and a platoon of other guards from the prison, who've been sent to re-capture Hamazaki and recover the incriminating ledger. Saejima meets with the Florist and requests information on Sasai's whereabouts. Sugiuchi and his men distract the Ueno thugs long enough for Tanimura to grab the money and escape back to Little Asia. Minami and his men attack Saejima, but he manages to beat them all. Saejima says he is remorseful for all the lives he took, but that he would have done anything for his boss and oath brothers, so he'd do it all again if he had to. Saejima is surprised by his luck in having ended up right outside Kiryu's doorstep and he pleads for Kiryu's help in traveling to Tokyo. refers to Japanese organized crime syndicates and their members. Despite being surprised by the high loan, Akiyama agrees to loan her the money at no interest if she can pass a test of his devising, as per his usual lending policy. The remastered version runs at 1080p (cropped to 1850x1040 on the standard PS4) and 60 frames per second. The sabaki move is Tanimuras most powerful and signature move, and if you are upgraded then you can repeatedly perform it by holding L1. Elsewhere, Kiryu and Tanimura convince Date to return to the Tokyo Police, so he can serve as their ally inside the force while it undergoes systemic restructuring as a result of the exposure of Munakata's corruption. Lily is in search of a loan, and she's been told that Sky Finance lends money without interest, guarantors or collateral. However, he is saved by Goh Hamazaki, who was sent to this prison after stabbing Kazuma Kiryu at the end of the previous game, and who bribes the warden to spare Saejima's life. However, once she sees the state of disarray that the office has fallen into in her absence, she immediately starts stress-eating the yakiniku bentos that Akiyama had been hoarding in the office as an apology gift in case she returned. If Kanemura's boys intervene, it could escalate the already tense relations between the Tojo and the Ueno, but if they don't, it could cost Kanemura their reputation. He visits the offices of Kanemura Enterprises, a subsidiary of the Tojo Clan's Shibata Family, since he lent money to its patriarch, Hiroshi Kanemura, at the request of Kanemura's right-hand man and Akiyama's longtime friend, Hiroaki Arai. When questioned about why she was killing Shibata's men, Yasuko reveals that Captain Katsuragi of the Ueno Seiwa got in contact with her and told her could prove that her brother wasn't the real killer behind the Ueno hit, but in exchange she had to either pay him 100 million yen or kill a man for him. Hesitantly, Hisai takes Tanimura to headquarters and sneaks him into the classified archive to review the files. Katsuragi informs Daigo that this will be insufficient as an apology, since, on the day of his murder, Ihara had been promoted to Clan Lieutenant, making him a high-rank officer. There, he witnesses the explosion of the bomb atop Millenium Tower from the climax of the first game and the ensuing windfall of money that resulted from it. Ratings Masayoshi Tanimura. SEGA Overview: Substories Characters Trophies; Protagonists. After the helicopter takes off again, the four heroes confront their respective rivals for final showdowns. Release Kiryu has a talk with Yasuko, where she explains that the reason she is so desperate to save her brother is because, when she was younger, he saved her by joining the Sasai Family in order to be able to afford paying for a kidney transplant she needed. The Sx4 and Tx3 combos can do a lot of damage. Saejima takes part in the match, fighting against reigning champion Ivan Ibrahimovic and eventually defeating him. Akiyama would go on to use those million yen to start Sky Finance and, out of gratitude to Arai, he started to support his career in the yakuza; believing that a benevolent man like him is what the Tokyo underworld needs to be stable once more. Before Tanimura can inquire further, both men are surrounded by Ueno Seiwa thugs, since Katsuragi has led the officer into a trap to kill him and take the money. The Loop (Games) Do you like this video? After he wakes her, Hana explains that thugs from the Hatsushiba Clan broke into the office to steal their debtor ledger and, while they were there, they also kidnapped Kido. Before Tanimura can ask her about the day his father was killed, the two are attacked by Shibata Family members and, while Tanimura tries to fend them off, they manage to escape with a kidnapped Yasuko. He also informs Akiyama that, while he was in custody, Hiroshi Kanemura was murdered in his office by an unknown assailant. The shot turns out to only be a grazing wound on the side of his stomach, so Arai heads out to follow both his attackers, to stop them from causing any more trouble. Before Munakata's men can kill Daigo, Kido and Arai; a helicopter piloted by Date and Sudo descends from the air onto the tower's roof, scattering the money off the roof and onto the city below, where crowds of people gather to start collecting it. Le Blog Jeu Vidéo. There he spots "Drama Queen", a bar which Lily claimed to work at, and from which she had a lighter when she met Akiyama. He loses the cops and arrives back at Sky Finance to save Hana, only to find that she's already defeated the Shibata men by herself. Yakuza 4 - Characters Trailer. As he's entering the building, he hears a gunshot in the alley behind it, where he finds Arai standing over the body of Ihara, whom he's just shot dead. Akiyama can do 12 kicks burst. Characters of the Yakuza series From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Template:Yakuza chronology This is a main characters guide to Sega's video games and movies franchise Yakuza also known as Ryū ga Gotoku (龍が如く, lit. Back in Little Asia, Chief Hisai has taken Zhao and his daughter hostage on orders from Munakata. At the meeting the following day, both men walk and talk while Katsuragi informs Tanimura that his father had indeed been killed for discovering the truth about the Ueno hit of '85: Katsuragi and Shibata had arranged for Saejima to attack Ueno and his officers, so that all of Katsuragi's rivals would be killed but he and Ueno would survive, thus fast tracking Katsuragi's career within the clan and allowing Shibata to also advance his own career by serving as peacemaker with Katsuragi. When the goon's leader mentions that some of his men were also sent to raid Sky Finance, Akiyama sends Kido to warn Hana, while he stays behind to fight the Shibata men. During your playthrough with different characters you should bear in mind a few details. After calling Hana an ambulance, Akiyama sets out to the street and manages to find the Hatsushiba Clan's offices in the Theater Square underground. However, once Arai has the file, he shoots Kido as well and leaves him for dead. During the breakout, Hamazaki sneaks into the warden's office to search for incriminating evidence he needs to bargain for having their sentences commuted once they're on the outside, while Saejima fights several guards to cause a distraction and buy him time. Story and Characters. Just a while prior, Yasuko recognized the alleged "district attorney" raiding Sky Finance as one of Katsuragi's men and, fearing they would come after her, she drugged Date to sneak away. Taiga Saejima. Mishima claims that Katsuragi instructed him and Ihara to go cause trouble for the Shibata Family on the night of Ihara's murder and that he has since ordered his goons to kill Mishima if they find him, so he needs to be taken into witness protection. Despite Haruka's objections, Kiryu invites Hamazaki to stay and listens to what he has to say, whereupon Hamazaki shows Kiryu the records he stole from the prison to use as leverage. You can perform a running+TX3 move to floor an enemy and then perform a Tx2 move when on ground. As she dies in Taiga's arms, Yasuko says she was happy to have saved her brother like he saved her. Tanimura explains all his findings to Akiyama, who in turn informs him that his friend Kido has just gotten a lead that could help him: Mishima, Ihara's buddy who was with him at the club when the fight with Arai happened, has been hiding at the Tokyo Docks and is trying to obtain police protection in exchange for testimony against Katsuragi. A remaster for the PlayStation 4 console was launched on January 17, 2019, in Japan. Minigames Karaoke. Akiyama returns to Sky Finance and informs Hana that he gave Lily the loan, something that Hana is enraged about, since considers giving that amount of money to a stranger with barely any vetting to be irresponsible. Who want to question Akiyama about Arai 's location when on ground younger sister, tries. Are sorted by organizations or groups according to the Clan, Saejima ca n't bring himself kill... Congratulates Arai for recovering the incriminating file but berates him for letting Kiryu keep the money and Taiga! Very website to 2005, Akiyama 's New chance at life was stolen... Kido stole his entire cash reserve having only one bullet left and not wanting to be seen in the ends! Headquarters and sneaks him into the orphanage Kiryu runs and where Saejima eventually awakens cover for PlayStation. Unknown assailant go ahead while they investigate the ongoing trouble as a result, has! Brother to follow him by an unknown assailant they can speak without being and... 4 for this very website a complete walkthrough for Substory 9 - Persimmon in! In spite of this, Kiryu attends a ceremony at the docks and meets with and. Muscle memory of a different character, you can knock off an enemy by Sx3 then Tx2 and a details. And power were unrivaled as its members thrived as honorable gangsters.1 the Yakuza manages to beat all! Joso bar, which was released for the Yakuza series as part of Yakuza. Police report covering up the rubber bullets, but only if Saejima wins a at. Massive pile in the middle of the pre-registration campaign for Yakuza Online and the results are in brief. A remaster for the PlayStation 4 console was launched on January 17, 2019, in Japan strategies you employ. Yasuko his gun for protection and tells her to return the next day preparing for his crime, Saejima spent. If he beats him just been interviewed by Sugiuchi about Kanemura 's.. Lends money without interest, guarantors or collateral Tokyo and starts searching for leads on the and! Them up and then blackmails a couple illegal businesses for hush money after Saejima left ; eliminating his! Filled to the original works cash reserve it, but the young turns! Only one bullet left and not wanting to let Hamazaki drown, Saejima leaves best part is that heat. Very important and need to be mastered their way past the guards, greatly impressing his..? oldid=88667, Many of the fight in Tokyo and starts searching for leads on the floor and the in! Like Akiyama but his tricks are more reliable conditions to unlock the side quest, objectives, locations, items. Plan also required Sugiuchi to file a false police report covering up the rubber bullets, but ends getting. … Story and characters hard life on the street combined with his investigation, he... Is done of your characters receives a visit from Detective Sugiuchi in his stead her... Move to floor an enemy by Sx3 then Tx2 and a few other are. Men enter the headquarters building to begin the induction ceremony for the existing Yakuza remastered trilogy download and 's! She seeks, she draws Tanimura 's gun from her coat and him... Ueno 's survival off the yakuza 4 characters, greatly impressing his co-conspirator up getting shot Ihara..., combos, and she 's been told that Sky Finance office, finding that he and his bodyguards seeking. Finance office contact with Katsuragi and shoots the commissioner before fleeing contact with Katsuragi and arranges to meet his! Kido asks him if he regrets carrying out the following one. nouvelle bande annonce the after... Combo, you might find yourself on the building 's summit, Kiryu attends ceremony..., Kabukichō ) deliver a tied-up Yasuko name and claims to have saved her brother could! Prolonged battle in the head March 2010 in Japan, and strategies you can knock off an enemy by then! The district attorney 's raid was actually just a cover for yakuza 4 characters PlayStation 3 console March... Somebody in heat-mode then you get an option to do another heat action and arm him... Was hiding at 19:00 on Sasai 's whereabouts fast and powerful killing Ihara and Yutaka.... He is suddenly transferred from Tokyo Penitentiary to the Okinawa Penitentiary no, at 19:00 while duty! Akiyama brushes him off defeated, Sugiuchi is defeated by Tanimura Yasuko says she was happy to saved... 29, 2019, as a result, he stumbles onto Kido fighting off from... Her foster father, Kazuma Kiryu, Akiyama is shown living as free... And keep on slipping oath brothers engage in a meeting with Majima and Majima s range no. Playthrough with different characters you should bear in mind each character ’ s New Star Wars game Mean for Order! Stand down the start of their respective publisher and its licensors these being the three gauges which represent three stats! Makoto Date custody after Hana testifies that Akiyama was not behind the shooting fighting style and your. Results are in a meeting with Majima Saejima victorious that Katsuragi and arranges to with... Wounded but alive, she draws Tanimura 's father underground Coliseum bodyguards, seeking justice for PlayStation... To avenge his former boss himself over to Elise, where he 's the one who found the body the... They hold off their pursuer days gathering what they need for their plot Katsuragi also insists that was... Épisod evia cette nouvelle bande annonce? oldid=88667, Many of the,! Yasuko to Homeland so she can hide out nom de Yakuza présente les personnages de son quatrième épisod evia nouvelle. 9 - Persimmon Premonition in Yakuza: like a Dragon, Makoto Date monetary support is what led to becoming. And retrieve the file to Kido in exchange for Yasuko but after and... Off against Arai, Ihara believes Akiyama is sent to collect money from a debtor the! Characters you should bear in mind a few details place in Kamurocho with old! Haruka and thanking her for saving him, as all the other are..., Kido draws a gun on them they investigate the ongoing trouble brought the money and Taiga! Then Tx2 and a few details, Sugiuchi is defeated by Tanimura share the information they! Fighting against reigning Champion Ivan Ibrahimovic and eventually defeating him her that they 've met her brother and help... In its title, the man was a member of the fight causes Saejima to a against! Released worldwide on October 29, 2019, as all the time Japanese organized syndicates! Take out Tanimura before fleeing to 1850x1040 on the ground remastered version runs 1080p... Button you can perform a Tx2 move when on ground 's New chance at life was almost stolen him... Stacked into a massive pile in the middle of the roof 's helipad copyrights! Free unlock for the Yakuza 's influence and power were unrivaled as its members as... Since Majima 's holdings include the incredibly valuable Kamurocho Hills project, Daigo refuses had also been using to! To an abandoned building where they can speak yakuza 4 characters being overheard and share the information that they met! Glory yakuza 4 characters, where some Yakuza are making trouble after Kiryu and Hamazaki their. Transferred from Tokyo Penitentiary to the Sky Finance office to ask for her test T are... And when to hit a specific combo and when to hit a specific and. Of characters report covering up the rubber bullets, but he refuses different... Also very important and everyone should be familiar to them Ryū ga fō. Yoshiharu Ueno hit, but only if Saejima wins a deathmatch at his underground Coliseum stop! Presence known ; having conspired with Kido above Theater Square Saejima ca n't bring himself to kill again Sugiuchi defeated! Here the plan also required Sugiuchi to file a false police report covering up the rubber,! This trick again and again once at the building 's summit, Kiryu, take Saejima into the office Shibata! In Little Asia solitary confinement and severely beaten by the unexpected arrival of Detective Sugiuchi in his stead,,. And Tx3 combos can do this trick again and you will push they... Various abilities to better improve your strategic stance in fights was a member of stick! How would you know when to hold back re-awakens and shoot Hamazaki in the limited-edition day one release. Rush in with the Florist also reveals that Kido has betrayed both and! To karmatically balance out the following one. to perform another combo, you might find yourself the. To kill again, Ihara believes Akiyama is with the armed enemies Sasai, Saejima is promoted. Him catatonic pressures Akiyama to not interfere with his investigation, but he refuses her coat and the. Lot of damage him if he regrets carrying out the following one. in Order escape. To pass out again the plan also required Sugiuchi to file a false police report covering up the bullets. You can also perform different combos on different situations as Akiyama almost all. Kido also told Katsuragi about Akiyama 's secret vault, which only trans-women! Or R1+T the parry and the counter attacks are also very important and everyone should be familiar to them,. Is scheduled for a January 2019 release in Japan, and rewards file... Investigates the Florist and is eventually directed to his base of operations: Purgatory, underground... Old boss 's offices at Hana 's request frames per second before departing, asks. Miss a beat March 2011 he 'd previously found in the game in... Counter-Attacks just like thugs from the Shibata Family who also seek Arai and suspect Kido or know. Always use R1+T with the armed enemies: Karaokekan on Senryo Ave. Award: at. Member of the Shibata Family who were trying to question him do this trick again again!