The school administration would like to inform students and parents that it has  few places in O'level and A'level and we have accommodation for girls and boys, for more info you may contact or send an e-mail to us! Thank you so much. Rosine Mukeshimana, School Headmistress


School Administration would like to invite and remind all parents that on Sunday, 9th June 2019 there is a parents meeting at 9.00am.

The students performed well in national examination_2018


• To contribute to determining education policy;

• To coordinate and fast track education programmes and activities aimed at providing to all categories of Rwandans a qualitative education;

• To design and distribute curricula, teaching materials, guides, methodologies and establish teaching methods for nursery, primary secondary, specialized schools and adult literacy education in accordance with the current educational development;

• To promote the use of information and communication technology in education;

• To coordinate programs and activities aimed at developing teachers, building their capacities and improving their management;

• To establish regulations determining how national examinations are conducted in various levels of education, except in vocational and technical training and in higher learning institutions;

• To cooperate and collaborate with other regional and international institutions having similar responsibilities

 • To advise Government on all activities which can fast track education development in Rwanda.