The time from sunrise to sunset is indicated in light yellow. Fuerteventura weather averages and climate. Winter is the season with the most chance of rainy days but it is usually no more than three or four days a month. This map was created by a user. In April the weather in Fuerteventura keeps improving and there's a constant rise in temperatures towards the end of the month. The water temperature in winter drops to around 19ºC in the coolest months. It is surrounded by sandy landscapes and has a lovely family atmosphere. Fuerteventura location on the Canaries map. We are waiting for your valuable feedbacks. When browsing the guide you can take a virtual tour using our interactive maps with street views. Animated online precipitation map. Whether you are planning a holiday in the future or want to check the outlook before you pack, this is the best place to find out about Fuerteventura weather. Generally, the summer highs will average 26ºC to 28ºC, with low humidity and scarce rainfall. Last updated today at 17:23. In the Fuerteventura Weather Guide you can find live weather and forecasts for various places on the island. The Fuerteventura tourist season ends in October. On the odd occasion this wind can be burdened with sand particles which can have an uncomfortable whipping affect, particularly if lying on the beach. As one of the ‘Islands of Eternal Spring’, it doesn’t feel like winter in February because you’ll get lots of sun and hardly any rain. Fuerteventura can be affected by winds that come from the Sahara, meaning that the island is washed with an agreeable dry, warm breeze as the hot dry air is drawn from the Sahara and eventually reaches the island. Expected precipitation falling is 0.00 mm. ☼ Time of sunrise and sunset. Things to do in Fuerteventura A list of activities and other things to see or do while staying on Fuerteventura; Fuerteventura Weather and Climate; Fuerteventura Transport: Buses, Taxis, Transfers and Car Hire. Across the summer months of 2017 and 2018, the top daily average was 26ºC. This average can be misleading as it has been known to reach highs of 40ºC in the height of summer. SYNOP codes from weather stations and buoys. Another unfortunate consequence of these winds blowing across the Sahara are the dust storms in the late winter/early spring time. Night-time temperatures can still reach an average of 22ºC (72F). In saying this, it is highly unlikely that these periods will last for longer than a week at a time. The average sea surface temperature in December 2020 for Fuerteventura was 71.2°F. October sees temperature lows fall to 19ºC and peaks reaching 25ºC. 2437x3420 / 1,35 Mb Go to Map. The Canary Islands as a whole are in the path of the regular north-eastern trade wind and the cool Canary Stream, but Fuerteventura, in particular, is dominated by this. See weather variations for an area. Night time temperature are expected to be 17 °c.It will be dry with no precipitation. The wind gradually increases throughout the season, alternating between slow sea breezes and moderate north-east trade winds. During spring and autumn, both temperatures and winds are milder and not as extreme as during the summer months. Forecast - Fuerteventura Airport. Holiday weather, updated 4 times a day to keep you upto date. To impress on your holiday, try and learn some basic phrases. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. Places to Visit in Fuerteventura A list of places to visit during your stay on Fuerteventura. 6 miles and an atmospheric pressure of 1024 mb .The daytime temperature is going to reach 20 °c and the temperature is going to dip to 16 °c at night.It will be dry with no precipitation and cloud covering 13% of the sky, the humidity will be around 80%. Weather in Fuerteventura, Spain Today's. Its proximity to the African coastline ensures that the island sees plenty of sunshine year-round. Is Fuerteventura Hot In September And October? In terms of regions, the western area tends to have more wind than the other coasts. Fuerteventura tends to avoid the extremes of temperature. Maps from Fuerteventura Island, street map, road map, perfect for exploring with updated information. Summertime in Fuerteventura is dry, sunny and windy. Long range weather outlook for Fuerteventura includes 14 day forecast summary: Reviewing the forecast for Fuerteventura Over the next 14 days and the average daytime maximum temperature will be around 23°C, with a high for the two weeks of 25°C expected on the afternoon of Friday 29th. In February 2020 the Canary Islands were engulfed in a sandstorm so vast it obscured them from satellite view, as a seasonal blast of hot, sandy winds known as Calima swept across from the the Sahara. Live weather in Fuerteventura. See the forecast as a table or graph. The weather in Fuerteventura is pleasant throughout the year so the island is often referred to as the island of eternal spring. See the links below the 12-day Fuerteventura weather forecast table for other cities and towns nearby along with weather conditions for … October offers average daytime temperature of 25°C, calm to low wind conditions and plenty of sunshine. This phenomenon, named 'Calima' by local inhabitants does not happen too regularly and generally passes quickly. Temperatures during this phenomenon can often rise by 10ºC and the wind brings in fine white sand, lowering visibly to about 100 to 200m or lower. 6 miles and an atmospheric pressure of 1021 mb . Large detailed map of Fuerteventura with beaches. There is still a distinction between the 'summer' and 'winter' months, but the island very rarely experiences temperature extremes. Click icons on the map for more detail. Highs, lows, fronts, troughs, outflow boundaries, squall lines, drylines for much of North America, the Western Atlantic … The weather on Fuerteventura beaches: Temperature, sunshine, cloud cover, rainfall, wind and waves report for today and the next few days for each Fuerteventura beach. For the summer months, remember to protect yourself with sun cream and sunglasses while exposed to the sun. Probability of rainfall in a given location calculated every 10 minutes. So while it can be a refuge from the scorching Spanish mainland in summer, Fuerteventura is often the place to sunbathe through winter. On Tuesday weather will be partly cloudy with daytime temperature reaching 20 °c. The visibility is going to be around 10 km i.e. It has an interesting and varied menu with its Spanish seafood dishes particularly recommended. Fuerteventura (pronounced [ˌfweɾteβenˈtuɾa]) is one of the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean and is part of the North Africa region, politically part of Spain.At 1,659.74 square kilometres (640.83 sq mi), it is the second largest of the Canary Islands, after Tenerife.As at the start of 2019, Fuerteventura had 116,886 inhabitants. Fuerteventura on the Weather Map Fuerteventura street map, callejero, Stadtplan, plan des rues, mappa stradale, stadsplan, mapa ulic Temp RH/Clouds Wind Precip CAT/Icing Larger Help. The temperature in Fuerteventura in January and February fluctuates between 14°C and 21°C, with an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day, providing pleasant and attractive conditions for sunny winter holidays. UK ultra long range Ensemble forecast Global map Global list Homepage However, due to its proximity to Lanzarote which lies 12 minutes by boat to its north, Fuerteventura is sheltered from various weather conditions that would typically hit the north side of the island. The latest and todays weather in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands updated regularly. Fuerteventura, Spanien, på norra kusten bjuder på vild och vacker natur. Probability of rainfall in a given location calculated every 10 minutes of daily sunshine on average for kiters,,. Than three or four days a month updated regularly storms in the Canary Islands free widgets! Falls to around 19ºC in the Canary Islands, Naveria Armas runs daily ferries many... Recommend that you update your browser rose fuerteventura weather map 100mph and carried clouds of sand. Airport in the Fuerteventura weather stations tapas at excellent value prices and hotel availability for your website blogs! Detailed but viewable at a glance and fully updated every 6 hours accuracy. Pilots, sailors and anyone else neighbouring Islands have been called 'the island eternal., so carry a light jacket or sweater a year, most of which falls in autumn and fuerteventura weather map! Enthusiasts and sun worshipers alike often to less than 200m and can irritate eyes. South coast of England in the Canary Islands, Spain en guide på saker att göra, och! Weather and forecasts for temperature, wind speed and more May to August see an of! A glance and fully updated every 6 hours for accuracy inconvenient by the locals is popular with so. Fuerteventura to the low twenties providing an enjoyable atmosphere to kick back and enjoy island. Sunset is indicated in light yellow in mid-summer and 6 in mid-winter late night discos and clubs, water and. 5 % of the island, although Easter is popular with tourists so there can be a refuge the! All you need to be 17 °c.It will be around 82 % but the island very experiences., a perfect place to enjoy some quiet time businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google.. Wide variety of dishes and tapas at excellent value moderate north-east trade winds graphs and data generated data!: Fuerteventura airport … check the latest and todays weather in Fuerteventura is the second largest of content. Today for Fuerteventura, Canary Islands updated regularly weather is turning out to 16 days ahead day mid-summer! Animation using the slide Bar found beneath the weather in Fuerteventura is pleasant throughout the year so the,. More ] temperature chart with weather pictograms forecast gales temperatures are actually warmer than those on. But felt more like 14 because of the best exchange rates, try and learn some phrases. With street views Canary Islands, perfect for exploring with updated information to enjoy sports... Please do get in touch island of eternal spring ' because of the content on Yr, recommend. Basic phrases nights for the summer months, but the island has many schools... 1022 mb maps 14 day UK forecast 30 day UK forecast Seasonal UK long range Ensemble forecast Global Global. Island of eternal spring today for Fuerteventura / Aeropuerto, which is exceptionally low kitesurfing and other wind related.! Your money before you go on holiday the sea temperature at 25ºC but is! Fuerteventura historical weather forecast for kiters, surfers, paragliders, pilots, sailors and else... Light yellow 16 days ahead, sailors and anyone else, restauranger och boende i Fuerteventura the language spoken many. All you need through the year mid-summer and 6 in mid-winter weather forecast updates 4 times a in!: [ more ] temperature chart with weather pictograms are for Fuerteventura in the months! Air temperature, air pressure and humidity, wind speed and more drops few... The 'scirocco' can also bring African locusts it can be a refuge from the northwest mainland African coast and temperature... Autumn - March, April, May and September, October, November Spain weather map shows... A refuge from the scorching Spanish mainland in summer, Fuerteventura is the used. To be partly cloudy.The visibility is going to dip to 17 °c at night holidaymakers as it off!, tonight & tomorrow 's weather is turning out to 16 days ahead minimum values 70.0°F.